Anomalous Atmospheric Flows and Blocking by Barry Saltzman, Roberto Benzi and Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen PDF

By Barry Saltzman, Roberto Benzi and Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120188295

ISBN-13: 9780120188291

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F. (195 I). Observational studies of the general circulation pattern. Comp. Meteorol. Am. Meteorol. 551 -567. Rex, D. (1950). Blocking action in the middle troposphere and its effect on regional climate. Tellus2, 196-211,275-301. G. ( 1950). On the dynamics of certain types of blocking waves, J. Chin. Geophys. 2, 1-13. Saltzman, B. (1957). Equations governing the energetics of the larger scales of atmospheric turbulence in the domain of wave number. J. Meteorol. 14, 5 13 - 523. Smagorinsky, J. (1963).

Unfiltered Anomaly Analyses Although data used in the above analyses were low-pass filtered, the main centers appeared to develop quite rapidly. We now examine similar analyses conducted on unfiltered data for further clues to the character of this rapid development. Note that the starting dates are identical, so that the only difference from the previous analyses is the filtering process. 4. Composite time evolution of unfiltered 500-mbarheight anomalies (in meters) obtained from the same PAC positive anomaly cases as in Fig.

See legend on p. 35. , 1977). Over the Pacific, however, the near simultaneity of development, the almost north- south orientation of the centers, and the absence of tilts in the anomaly axes make determination of the meridional component of energy propagation (if any) difficult. Indeed, over this region, the pattern somewhat resembles a growing standing wave. Similarmaps of the PAC negative anomaly compositesand corresponding confidence levels are presented in Fig. 2. We see that the pattern of evolution displays considerable similarity to the sequence seen previously for the positive cases.

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Anomalous Atmospheric Flows and Blocking by Barry Saltzman, Roberto Benzi and Aksel C. Wiin-Nielsen (Eds.)

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