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By Jim Wiese

Dig into the technology of precedent days and unearth remarkable discoveries!
* have you questioned the place paper comes from, who made the 1st identified maps, or how the traditional Egyptians have been capable of construct the pyramids?
* do you want to make your personal sundial, notice the best way to notice earthquakes, or discover ways to write in hieroglyphics?
* Are you searching for nice principles to your subsequent technology reasonable undertaking?

in case you responded "Yes" to any of those questions, then historical technology is for you! From Greek lighthouses and Roman bridges to chinese language kites and Mesopotamian cleaning soap, you are going to examine the various maximum clinical discoveries and the folk who brought them to the area. Dozens of fun-packed actions assist you see for your self how the earliest people cultivated vegetation, why tools make varied sounds, how fireworks get their explosive energy, and masses extra. the entire initiatives are secure and simple to do, and all you wish is daily stuff from round the condominium. So step again in time and take an grand trip with old technology!

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Qxd 12/12/02 6:44 PM Page 22 Soap is made by mixing fats and oils with a strong alkali compound such as potash or lye. An alkali substance is a base, a chemical that reacts with an acid to form a salt and water. The molecules that make up soap are very unusual. One end of a soap molecule is usually made of either sodium or potassium (which comes from the alkali compound). This end of the molecule is hydrophilic, which means it is attracted to water but repels oils. The other end of the molecule is a long chain of atoms called triglycerides (which come from the fat and oils).

Take your sundial outside on a sunny day. Use the compass to align your sundial so that it points north, as shown below. Compare the time on your sundial to the real time. How accurate is it? More Fun Stuff to Do This sundial will be more accurate at latitudes from 40° N to 50° N. If you live outside of those latitudes, how can you correct your sundial? Try methods such as tilting the sundial or changing the angles between hour marks on the sundial face. qxd 12/12/02 7:00 PM Page 42 Explanation Your sundial will read a time very close to the time on a watch.

Calculate the weight of the water by subtracting the weight of the jar by itself from the weight of the jar and water. 13. Compare the weight of the water in the jar to the difference in weight between the rock in the air and the rock in the water. What did you find? More Fun Stuff to Do Draw identical horizontal lines halfway up the outside of two Styrofoam cups. Set one cup on the surface of a tub of water. Add marbles to the cup until the water level reaches that mark. Fill the second cup with water until it reaches the same mark.

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