New PDF release: An introduction to modern astrophysics

By Carroll B.W., Ostlie D.A.

ISBN-10: 0321442849

ISBN-13: 9780321442840

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Fukushima used a mixture of metal alkoxide and inorganic-salt precursors for the fabrication of BaTiO3 films. Application of sol–gel processing for PZT thin films started in 1984 with a report by Fukushima et al. [2], followed by Budd et al. [3] in 1985. Meanwhile, the chemical processing of thin films of other ferroelectric oxides has made remarkable progresses. Ferroelectric thin films ranging from polycrystalline to texture-oriented polycrystalline and epitaxial in nature have been synthesized for 20 years.

71, 1471 (2002) 3, 14, 15 [15] K. H. Chew, Y. Ishibashi, F. Shin, H. Chan: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 72, 2974 (2003) 3, 15, 16 [16] P. Ghosez, K. Rabe: Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 2767 (2000) 13 [17] N. Yanase, K. Abe, N. Fukushima, T. Kawakubo: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 38, 5305 (1999) 13 [18] Y. Ishibashi, V. Dvorak: J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 44, 32 (1978) 19 [19] J. Scott, H. Duiker, P. Beale, B. Pouligny, K. Dimmler, M. Parris, D. Butlerand, S. Eaton: Physica B 150, 160 (1988) 20 [20] Y. Ishibashi, M. Iwata: J. Phys.

BIT and BLT thin films exhibit strong (00l) peaks, while BNT, BST and BGT thin films have a marked (117) preferred orientation. Among the rare-earth-doped BIT thin films, BNT thin films show the best saturation properties of the ferroelectrics with a large Pr and small Ec for low applied voltages. However, low-temperature-processed BNT films do not exhibit enough ferroelectricity. From further investigation of BNT films, the surface morphology and ferroelectric properties can be improved by optimization of the Ge doping in the BNT, particularly in the case of BNT-based thin films prepared at low temperatures.

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