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The Hans Kleinpoppen Symposium on "Complete Scattering Experiments" th used to be held in honor of Hans Kleinpoppen’s 70 birthday. It came about in Il Ciocco, Italy. The symposium had reasons: to give the paintings that Hans Kleinpoppen has performed or initiated in the course of his amazing clinical profession, and to carry humans from quite a few fields jointly who practice entire scattering experiments.

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2 Midline formation in insects: an inhibition from the dorsal side restricts midline formation ventrally Experimental observations in insects [5, 31] suggest a totally different mechanism for midline formation [19]. There, a dorsal organizer does not elongate but repels the midline, allowing midline formation only at the largest distance from the organizer, at the opposite ventral side. This occurs more or less simultaneously over the whole AP-extension of, for example, the fruit fly Drosophila, much in contrast to the sequential elongation at the same side in vertebrates.

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