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Encased in a thick jacket of metal around the fire was the boiler water. The boiler was heavily built to withstand the pressure of steam and boiling water, which could get up to 150 pounds per square inch or more. The boiler would get very hot on the outside too, easily reaching 330 degrees Fahrenheit 53 54 THE STEAM ENGINE At a price between $600 and $3,000, most farmers could not afford to buy a steam traction engine to plow their fields. Instead, they hired a team that owned a plow and an engine like this one at the Thomas Ranch in Chico, California.

The addition of steam power to watercraft made it possible to move goods upstream, expediting overseas transport. paddles at the back of the boat. Christened the Experiment, it was used to ferry paying customers. Unfortunately, Fitch’s business sense was not as sharp as his ingenuity, and he died a financial failure. Later, in 1801, Edinburgh banker Patrick Miller made several boats propelled by paddle wheels. At that time, men or horses were used to turn the paddle wheels. One of the paddlers, James Taylor, felt the system was archaic and needed the help of the steam engine.

The engines on steam liners were massive. Depending on the ship, it could consist of two huge reciprocating engines — one used to drive the port (left-hand side) and one to drive the starboard (right-hand side) of the ship. Included was a 16,000 horsepower steam turbine driven by a four-blade propeller. Each of the reciprocating engines weighed up to 1,000 tons and stood up to 30 feet high. It took 162 furnaces to give these massive engines enough steam. The furnaces needed to be fed over 600 tons of coal per day and it 45 46 THE STEAM ENGINE The USS Leviathan, seen here cruising into New York Harbor around 1925, was better known as the German steamship Vaterland.

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