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By David J. Fekete

ISBN-10: 0875861954

ISBN-13: 9780875861951

ISBN-10: 0875862446

ISBN-13: 9780875862446

ISBN-10: 0875862454

ISBN-13: 9780875862453

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Pp. 106-107) I’m not sure how to translate Ovid’s geography. Is he telling people everywhere that there is ample game nearby, or is he talking specifically to Romans? Do I need to move to New York, a modern-day Rome? Or is there sufficient game here in my home town? In any event, his list of locations to search are Roman, so let us follow him on his rounds and translate that into our own culture, individually. His first piece of advice seems apt: “Take your time, walk slow” (p. 107). In your wanderings around ancient Rome, notice the monuments to the royal family, or the open-air shrines to the gods.

Let your person be clean, your body tanned by the sunshine, Let your toga fit well, never a spot on its white, Don’t let your sandals be scuffed, nor your feet flap around in them loosely, See that your teeth are clean, brush them at least twice a day, Don’t let your hair grow long, and when you visit a barber, Patronize only the best, don’t let him mangle your beard, Keep your nails cut short, and don’t ever let them be dirty, Keep the little hairs out of your nose and your ears, Let your breath be sweet, and your body free from rank odors, 34 Chapter II.

Plato sees the soul merging intellectually with a concept that is beyond every finite thing. It merges with The Beautiful. The Beautiful is otherworldly. It is infinite and eternal. It transcends everything we experience with our senses on this Earth. ” A little reflection will show that these two traditions are incompatible. A person cannot embody both traditions and remain one person. If one chooses to 35. Plato, Timaeus, p. 58. 36. , p. 97. 23 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality love another person, he or she has stopped short on Plato’s ladder.

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