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Die nach modernen hochschulpädagogischen und fachlichen Prinzipien aufgebaute Lehrbuchreihe "Mathematik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler" umfaßt den Soff in den Studienplänen vorgesehenen Lehrstoff für die Mathematikausbildung, bietet Möglichkeiten zur Vertiefung sowie Spezialisierung und ist darüber hinaus in der Weiterbildung einsetzbar.

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During this monograph, the authors current a contemporary improvement of Euclidean geometry from self sustaining axioms, utilizing up to date language and delivering unique proofs. The axioms for prevalence, betweenness, and aircraft separation are just about these of Hilbert. this is often the one axiomatic therapy of Euclidean geometry that makes use of axioms no longer regarding metric notions and that explores congruence and isometries through mirrored image mappings.

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Is any set of the form and Y A x b where respectively. Clearly Z itself A and B are is an open rectangle: also, a finite intersection of open rectangles is an open rectangle. 1 that the class of open rectangles is a base for some topology on Z: we call this the product topology on Z. There are natural coordinate maps P 1 : (x,y) of Z onto X and Y h- x It follows that if h- y respectively and these are continuous because (p )_ 1 (A) = A x Y Plf , P 2^« P 2 : (x,y) , , f : W -*■ Z (p2)_ 1 (B) = X * B .

Our construction depends on finding certain groups of Mobius transformations. 1. Let D be a domain in and let G be a group of Mobius transformations with the properties (1) g(D) = D for every (2) if and g€G g g*I, in G? then the fixed points of (3) for each compact subset {g € G : g(K) n K K of D, g lie outside D? the set * 0} is finite. Then the quotient space Proof. Let G(z). We give D/G D/G inherits a natural analytic atlas. 1. As we see that D/G q(w^) D q z to its is open, continuous and is connected and q is continuous, and ^[(v^) D/G where is Hausdorff.

2 1. Show that of w w contains points of is in Y 3Y if and only if every neighbourhood and points of X-Y. 2. Show that the class of intervals and HR is a topology on 3. For each rvi\ ]R. (-°°,a) j in J, is also a topology on X. By considering the that contain a given class together with 0 Show that in this topology, C let T^ be a topology on of subsets of smallest topology that contains {x} X, T^ is not closed. X. Show that to be those topologies show that there exists a C. 3 HAUSDORFF SPACES In analytic arguments about topological spaces it is essential to be able to distinguish between distinct points by means of open sets and in general, this is not possible.

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