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Designed for one-semester classes for senior undergraduates, this publication ways themes first and foremost via convergence of sequences in metric area. even if, the choice topological strategy is additionally defined. functions are incorporated from differential and necessary equations, platforms of linear algebraic equations, approximation concept, numerical research and quantum mechanics.

Cover; Half-title; Series-title; name; Copyright; Contents; Preface; 1 Prelude to trendy research; 2 Metric areas; three The mounted element Theorem and its functions; four Compactness; five Topological areas; 6 Normed Vector areas; 7 Mappings on Normed areas; eight internal Product areas; nine Hilbert area; Bibliography; chosen recommendations; Index.

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But then bn < an, which is a contradiction. Hence £ ^ rj. 6 is that a sequence which is not bounded must be divergent. In this way, the sequences {3n — 75} and {2 n -8}, for example, may be shown to diverge. 5. Simple criteria that allow conclusions like this are always worth seeking. The next theorem gives such a criterion, in this case for certain sequences to be convergent. We first define the type of sequence to which it will apply. 9 A sequence { an} is said to be (a) nondecreasing if an ^ a n+ 1 for all n E N, (b) nonincreasing if an ^ an+1 for all n E N, (c) increasing if an < an+i for all n E N, (d) decreasing if an > an+\ for all n E N.

5 Point sets 25 which do not actually construct the real number system have a statement of this type, or one equivalent to it. Such a statement is generally presented as an axiom of the real number system. We end this discussion of holes by formally presenting the axiom for completeness of the real number system which has proved convenient for our treatment. 4 (N ested Intervals A x io m ) Let {[c ^ o y , [c2: d2\,. . } be a set of closed intervals for which [ci, d{\ D [c2,d2} 2 ■■■ , and for which, for any number e > 0, a positive integer N exists such that dn — cn < e whenever n > N.

According to the definition, if X is a countable set then there is a oneto-one correspondence between N and X , that is, a mapping f : N —» X which is one-to-one and onto. }, and no two of these images are equal. This displays the sense in which the elements of X may be counted: each is the image of precisely one positive integer. It is therefore permissible, when speaking of a countable set X , to write X = { x i , x 2, x 3 ,. }, implying that any element of X will eventually be included in the list x\, x 2, £ 3, .

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