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By Harun Yahya

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The beryllium atom produced in the first stage of this process is different from the beryllium atoms found on Earth, since the element beryllium listed in our periodic table boasts one additional neutron. 000000000000001 (10-15) seconds after it was formed. So how can this beryllium isotope become carbon, if it is effectively destroyed in the same instant it is formed? Do the helium atoms that fuse with the beryllium isotope do so by chance? 000000000000001 seconds being joined a third, thus eventually forming a whole building.

In his book Symbiotic Universe, George Greenstein has the following to say: Small things like stones, people, and the like would fly apart if the two charges differed by as little as one part in 100 billion. Larger structures like the Earth and the Sun require for their existence a yet more perfect balance of one part in a billion billion. 23 48 Miracles in the Creation of the Universe The Harmony in Numbers The proportion of protons to electrons in the universe is most important. This ratio permits the delicate balance between the mass gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

The electron’s charge The masses of protons and electrons—the basic particles which make up the atom—are very different. Yet miraculously, their electrical charges have been created equally in number. This extraordinary harmony is most important to maintaining equilibrium in the universe in which we live. 47 A Chain of Miracles should be smaller than the proton’s, in proportion to its smaller size. But what would have happened if the electric charge of proton and electron were not equal? Every atom in the universe would have carried a positive electric charge, because of their more massive protons.

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