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39 For example, the severe loss of movement in frozen shoulder may (on occasions) resolve without any attempt by the patient to exercise or seek treatment. Stretching can probably break down low-level or very 'young' adhesions. Cross-links Cross-links are the chemical bonds within and between the collagen molecules. Abnormal cross-linking can reduce the extendibility of the tissue. They are the microscopical features of adhesions. 19,40-42 The myofibroblast is a cross between fibroblast and myocyte and has contractile abilities (having, like muscle cells, contractile proteins).

Outside the treatment the patient should be encouraged to carry out activities that are low stress and pain free. For example, lower back pain patients can be encouraged to go out for daily frequent short walks. g. pendular swings of the arm for shoulder joint injuries, or gentle rhythmic side-bending movement, kneeling on all fours, for lower back pain patients). However, stretching or forceful exercise in the first 2-3 weeks may increase the risk of re-injury. 1 83 It should be noted that rest periods are also important for repair.

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