Download e-book for iPad: A bundle-filter method for nonsmooth convex constrained by Elizabeth Karas, Ademir Ribeiro, Claudia Sagastizabal

By Elizabeth Karas, Ademir Ribeiro, Claudia Sagastizabal

For fixing nonsmooth convex restricted optimization difficulties, we advise an set of rules which mixes the guidelines of the proximal package deal tools with the clear out approach for comparing candidate issues. The ensuing set of rules inherits a few beautiful beneficial properties from either methods. at the one hand, it permits potent keep watch over of the dimensions of quadratic programming subproblems through the compression and aggregation strategies of proximal package deal tools. nevertheless, the clear out criterion for accepting a candidate element because the new iterate is usually more uncomplicated to meet than the standard descent situation in package deal equipment. a few encouraging initial computational effects also are stated.

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